8 Instagram Updates for 2022 - What You Need to Know

In 2022, Instagram and its Reels captivated users with a flurry of trendy content in the form of stories, stickers, and other media. To promote an enjoyable user experience for all their customers, Instagram took the initiative to implement several new measures, such as increased security features or improvements on existing tools. This year proved why we spend so much time scrolling through IG. Here are some highlights:

1. Scheduled posts

Instagram has finally answered the prayers of social media managers everywhere - in 2022, they released a feature allowing users to schedule their posts on the app. To take advantage of this time-saving option and get ahead with your content planning, simply head to Advanced Settings while creating a post, click "Schedule," and select when you'd like it posted.

2. Fewer Ads

With Instagram's new feature, users can declutter their feed by turning off ads and suggested posts. Here's how to do it: open your profile page, tap the hamburger menu in the top-right corner, and select Settings; then find Ads under Preferences followed by Data about your activity from partners before switching all available toggles off.

3. Reels

Instagram has recently unveiled a new feature, Instagram Reels, which allows users to quickly create and share videos that are up to 15 minutes in length. The company stated this is designed as an immersive experience for viewers, with access given to editing tools and the ability to watch these videos in full-screen mode. This provides people with an entertaining way of creating their own unique video content.

4. Grid Pinning

Instagram made it much easier for users to keep their profiles looking fresh and visually appealing with the introduction of post-pinning. With this feature, individuals can quickly pin up to three posts at a time onto their grid and thus allowing them to easily customize what visitors see when they come across an account.

5. Longer videos

Instagram users can now tell their stories in a much more captivating way with the recent increase in the video time limit for Stories from 15 to 60 seconds. This means that they will be able to record longer videos without having any cuts, allowing them to show off their creativity and capture memories even better.

6. Collabs

Instagram Collab posts are a great way to increase engagement and discoverability between users. By creating these collaborative posts, one user can invite another collaborator whose account will be featured in the post as well and thus allowing both accounts to benefit from increased visibility and interaction with their audience. Initially only available for certain accounts during 2021, Instagram made this feature accessible to everyone in 2022.

7. Visual comments

In 2021, Instagram innovated its comment section with a revolutionary new feature - Visual Comments. This captivating tool gives users the opportunity to express themselves beyond words by adding visuals and animations directly in their comments. Following successful testing throughout that year, this cutting-edge feature became available for everyone worldwide in 2022.

8. Customisable Link sticker

Instagram has recently rolled out a new feature for its users that enables them to customize their Link Sticker with personalized text and change the color of it before adding it to their Story. This allows people more creative freedom when creating content on Instagram.