What are Instagram Notes? A Beginner's Guide

Instagram has just unveiled its newest feature - "Notes" - which is the perfect way for users to stay connected with friends and express themselves creatively, engagingly. This update harkens back to classic messaging services like AIM or MSN Messenger but offers an exciting new twist on communicating within social media platforms. With this upgrade, Instagrammers everywhere can now send short messages of up to sixty characters and keep their connections alive!

If you're curious about how to post your notes or shut them off completely, then read on. We'll give you a quick run-through of how to use Instagram Notes and its associated features.

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes offers a personalized way for users to connect with their followers or specific groups of friends. Through the use of mutual follower lists and "Close Friends" features, Instagram makes it easy for its users to share short posts at the top of those they care about most's inboxes - providing an intimate platform on which meaningful conversations can be had!

Instagram Notes allows users to express themselves and make their profiles more unique! Choose between adding a text or emoji note that will appear above your photo in other people's inboxes. Each thought bubble has a generous limit of 60 characters long, so you have plenty of room for creativity!

Instagram Notes have the capability to be customized, so you can create and post whatever message or statement best expresses your personality without worrying about having to conform to any set of rules. 

Not only does your note remain at the top of your recipients' inbox for 24 hours, but you also have full control to update, edit or delete it whenever necessary.

Your friends or followers can respond to your message (and you theirs), and responses will show up as direct messages in your inbox.

How to get Instagram Notes

In case you are wondering about the availability of this new feature, it is accessible in almost every country globally, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, due to certain regulations, users from Europe Union, United Kingdom and Japan currently won't be able to access it. Nevertheless, they should anticipate its accessibility by early 2023!

Why can't I see Instagram Notes?

To check if you can use the new messaging tool, We suggest logging out and then back into your account or refreshing the app. If that doesn't work, it might mean your device isn't running on Instagram's latest version.

How to use Instagram Notes

If you want to create a note or view what your followers have posted, simply follow these quick steps.

Start by accessing the DM inbox from your profile icon at the top left of the page.

To post something new, click "+" and type out 60 characters or less to add it into circulation - this will be available for 24 hours only.

When viewing posts others have created, respond directly within their note field so they'll receive an alert immediately.

How to turn off Instagram Notes

If you're looking to keep your Instagram feed free of Notes, unfortunately, there is no way to turn the feature off. However, users are still able to mute certain individuals if they don't want their content appearing in their timelines. This allows them more control over what posts appear without having to completely disable the new addition from Instagram's suite of features.