What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram

Instagram can be a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and acquaintances. However, sometimes you may find yourself in an uncomfortable or difficult situation regarding Instagram - like being blocked by someone else on the platform or vice versa. This article dives into what happens behind the scenes when one user blocks another on this popular app.

When You Block Someone

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of spammy comments coming your way? Are people tagging or mentioning you in unimportant posts? Or perhaps, even worse, are you a victim of cyberbullying on Instagram?

If you don't want certain people to view your Instagram posts anymore, there are a few ways to ensure they can no longer access them. Blocking their comments or removing their follow request will help, but blocking them completely is the only guaranteed way of preventing further engagement with your account.

Now, if you want to know what happens when you block someone, read this:

  • Blocking someone on social media can be delicate, as the person being blocked won't receive any notification that it has happened. This is beneficial for those with friends who may have to explain why they decided to block them. It could also lead to uncomfortable conversations if the other user finds out via an alert or message from another source.
  • By blocking the user, they will be taken off your Instagram followers list.
  • All notifications from that user will be immediately removed from your account.
  • Their likes and comments (when not blocked) on your posts will be erased automatically.
  • When you block someone on social media, the account remains there, but their content will be hidden. Instead of seeing a "Follow" button beside their username, it will show an option to "Unblock." Additionally, where posts would normally appear below the profile information - they'll instead see a message saying 'No Posts Yet.
  • Moreover, the number of followers and following could be shown as 0. The number of posts might remain unaltered or possibly decrease to 0. It appears that Instagram handles post counts differently in every instance.
  • Their posts become invisible to you, and your ability to like or comment on them is removed. In other words, blocking an account means that all visible signs of interaction with the blocked user are permanently gone.
  • Further, the individual who has been blocked will have all of your notifications automatically removed from their profile. There's no way for either one of you to send messages back and forth. But the prior conversations will continue to be accessible for all involved.
  • Both you and the person blocked will not be able to see each other's last active status in Direct Messages.
  • You and the person you've blocked won't be able to see each other's Instagram Stories. Any views of their story that were made before being blocked will also be removed from the viewer's list.
  • If someone you've blocked is also a member of one of your Instagram group chats, their existing messages won't be impacted. However, if they send any new messages to the chat, these will not show up for you while they are still blocked.
  • Even if you have blocked someone on Instagram, they will still be able to view your interactions with a public or private account that both of you follow when it comes to liking and commenting.
  • Even when you block someone, they can still view your profile and profile picture.